For Refugees & Undocumented Neighbors

Helpful Links of Organizations for Immigrants and Refugees during COVID-19 (Espanol)

  • CDC guide for COVID-19 link in Spanish

  • Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugee rights: Herramientas e información útiles para familias inmigrantes. Tienen una guía completa que fue creada para abordar las necesidades de la comunidad de inmigrantes y refugiados en el estado de Illinois. Disponible en inglés y español.

  • Informed Immigrant: Información a nivel nacional y estatal para inmigrantes. Tienen enlaces a todo tipo de información, incluyen fondos de emergencia y centros de atención médica amigables para indocumentados.

  • RefugeeOne: Útil para proporcionar información acerca del  COVID-19 a refugiados, interpretación para diferentes idiomas. Los administradores de casos se comunican semanalmente con los clientes y están disponibles por teléfono y correo electrónico para ayudar con otras consultas a medida que surjan. También servicios de inmigración, alimentación y servicios juveniles. Están ayudando a los clientes a solicitar programas de asistencia de emergencia a medida que estén disponibles. Su oficina está ubicada en Uptown.

  • Telemundo: Noticias en español con información detallada sobre la entrega de alimentos de CPS, información de COVID-19, atención médica y otra información útil.

  • IDHS Refugee & Immigrant Services: Información sobre Snap, cuidado de niños para para trabajadores esenciales, Medicaid, Tanf y videos sobre cómo comunicarse con IDHS en Inglés y Spanish durante COVID-19.

Helpful Links to Organizations for Immigrants and Refugees During COVID-19 (English)

  • CDC guide for COVID-19 link in Spanish

  • IDPH: Information about data of current deaths and infected people in Illinois in Spanish. Most information on their page is already translated into Spanish as well.

  • Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugee rights: Useful tools and information for immigrant families. They have a comprehensive guide that was created to address the needs of the immigrant and refugee community in the state of Illinois. Available in English and Spanish.

  • Informed Immigrant: National and state level information for immigrants. They have links to all kind of information including emergency funds and undocumented friendly Care Centers.

  • RefugeeOne: Helpful for refugees to provide them with COVID-19 information, interpreted in their home language. Case managers are checking in with clients weekly and are available by phone and email to assist with other inquiries as they arise. Also immigration services, food and youth services. They are helping clients apply for emergency assistance programs as they become available. Their office is located in Uptown.

  • Chicago COVID-19 Resource Compilation: Resource list with vast compilation of information about food, housing, financial, undocumented families resources and more.

  • Asylum Connect: List highlighting some of the verified LGBTQ+ affirming and immigrant friendly resources during this time.

  • Refugee FORA: Connecting clients with iPads, online learning accounts, and 2 hours a day of virtual tutoring in reading and math during the COVID crisis. They’re also looking for volunteers who can commit to an hour each weekday to provide tutoring services.

  • Telemundo: News in Spanish with detailed information about CPS food delivery, COVID-19 information, healthcare and other helpful information.

  • IDHS Refugee & Immigrant Services: Information about Snap, child care for assistance for essential workers, medicaid, Tanf, and videos on how to contact IDHS in English and Spanish during COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 Recursos for Undocumented families English and Spanish: List of resources, both national and by state.

  • IRS Tax filing extension information English and Spanish.

  • IRS Get my payment: Check on the status of your Economic Impact Payment (Spanish).

  • Northside Community Resources: Neighborhood organization offering different types of help including housing and grants for any individual who doesn’t qualify for Federal or state aid.

Healthcare Access for the Undocumented

Although undocumented people are usually not eligible for health insurance, even through ACA, They can still receive health care through free/low-cost clinics that serve the uninsured.

  • Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act: There is also a separate federal law called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) that requires that anyone arriving at an emergency room/department be stabilized and treated regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. However, EMTALA does not provide any payment for these services. Therefore, individuals who are uninsured — and not eligible for emergency Medicaid — may be billed for this treatment. (Some hospitals have charity care or other ways to reduce a bill, but this is not always available and cannot always meet the need.)

  • United We Dream Undocumented friendly care centers: United We Dream compiled a list of healthcare centers accessible to the undocumented community.

  • Illinois association of Free and Charitable Clinics: List of free and charitable clinics who provide medical, dental and pharmaceutical services for free or at a nominal fee to low-income individuals without health insurance. Some clinics will provide services to individuals who have insurance but cannot find a doctor or cannot afford the deductibles.

  • Free Clinic Directory: Search engine for free clinics for the uninsured, no-cost Medical clinics and affordable clinics.

Legal Help

Economic Help


  • Undocumented families can receive CPS food assistance. CPS will not request proof of citizenship, ID or proof of a student attending a particular school.

  • For more information, visit the CPS website