Fargo Filming

1900 W Lunt Leaflet 8-24 - Filming 9-4 -

Fargo Returns to the 49th Ward

to Wrap Up Season Four Filming

Fargo returns to the 49th Ward next weekend to wrap up filming for their fourth season. Please be advised of the listed parking restrictions. 

This week, our office hosted a meeting with the Fargo crew to discuss their plans for filming in the area. Overall, Fargo's logistics plan will remain largely the same. Their filming footprint will continue to take place on Lunt, Wolcott, Greenleaf, and Damen (pictured below). 


Pictured: Fargo Filming Area Footprint

There will be some changes from previous filming in the ward. Fargo is setting up a perimeter around their filming footprint where residents who don't have homes will not be allowed to access. This is to continue to practice social distancing and protect both the Fargo crew and cast as well as the broader Rogers Park community as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. There will be additional social distancing ambassadors around the set asking folks to cross the street as well as signage throughout the area. 

Additionally, Paschen Park will become an important asset for crews. In an attempt to limit movement and exposure to different environments during the day, the plan is to erect large tents in the park for catering and crew rest area. 


The health and safety of Fargo's cast and crew is their top priority, and they have implemented rigorous protocols, including weekly testing for all employees, mandatory PPE, and constant sanitizing of props and equipment.

Fargo Picks Rogers Park for Season Four Filming

The fourth season of the popular TV show Fargo takes place in Kansas City. However, the production company has picked Chicago for filming because the buildings in the city are reminiscent of the era the show takes place in. 

While scouring the streets looking for locations for this season, producers stumbled upon Rogers Park and found a home where one of the main characters will live during the fourth season.

What this means: the rest of the country gets to fall in love with our beautiful neighborhood. It also means, however, there will be additional parking restrictions as they wrap up season four filming. 

On December 5, our office hosted a community meeting with neighbors, a representative from Chicago's Film Office, and the set crew from Fargo. During that meeting, Fargo let residents know that they will be filming in Chicago for season four through the end of March. They expect to be in the neighborhood after the holidays at least once a month through the end of March for their filming sessions. Each filming session lasts no more than two days. The producer would like to return to the neighborhood before the holidays for one more session. 

How frequently they schedule filming sessions is dependent on how the writers script episodes. The fourth season of Fargo has a general arc, but the writers are still actively writing episodes while filming is ongoing. 

The production crew has shown a willingness to work with neighbors in the affected area while they're filming to help identify parking relief and improve outreach. They have encouraged neighbors to call the phone numbers listed on the flyers they post if residents run into issues. They have dedicated staff that will try to make the experience as smooth as possible. Additionally, residents can always contact the 49th Ward office should they run into any issues.